MVU College brings you the first immersive metaverse campus and teaching in Malaysia. Diving in further into the metaverserse world, it will be what we describe as the evolution of the internet. With the security of blockchain technology to the ownership of digital assets such as NFTs, to the vast multiple worlds to explore and create, the limitless possibility of the metaverse are limitless.

Human are social creatures, we find various ways to express ourself and more importantly what have happened in the past few years ago with the pandemic falling onto us, those isolations only makes us even stronger and find more ways for us to stay connected. We in MVU College believe that Metaverse will change all the social barrier today and break all those boundary to go even further. It will be an online spaces where people socialise, work and play as avatars or their virtual self, a place where people will not be bound by colours, a place where people express themselves even more, a place where people can live the life that they could imagine.

MVU College believe in this ideology and we are excited to revolutionise education. We believe that AR and VR will help change our daily life that we currently live in. By bringing our classes and campus to VR (Virtual Reality) we get rid of all those traditional methods that bounds us, our students and lecturer no longer need to worry about being late or stuck in the jam and in the process save more valuable time, our lecturers and professors now can teach online classes more efficiently and a more surreal lifelike experience compared to the one way conversation of normal conventional online class.

In the Immersive virtual classroom that we provided, students will be more stimulated to learn. In the metaverse, we are able to simulate more on real life incidents without the fear of any repercussion. Students can also enjoys training virtually from the experts around the world, employers also can directly interact with our students to give them advise and assessment. It will definitely help our students to be better prepared on what to expects in the real world.

In MVU College metaverse campus, students can enjoy the serene view of our main building, multiple classrooms, a collaboration room where students can share their ideas and brainstorm, a place for students create objects and to code. Our lectures and professors also can evaluate students progression and test them on the go. It will also be accessible in multi platforms to ease all users

The world are changing faster than we ever know, it is up to us to embrace the future.