MVUC Our Story

Metaverse Universal College: Pioneering Education for nearly two decades

Metaverse Universal College has been at the forefront of educational excellence for an impressive 16 years. As the first college in Malaysia to implement metaverse teaching, our journey began as ATIC College, and it has been a journey characterized by transformation and growth.

Our extensive range of programmes includes:

Certificate in Business Management
Diploma in Business Management
Diploma in Hotel Management
Diploma in Culinary Arts

In 2016, our transformation into Atlas City College was marked by embracing diversity and enriching our course offerings. By 2018, we soared to new heights as Ri-Yaz College, introducing even more programmes. Today, as Metaverse Universal College, our state-of-the-art facilities and immersive learning environment empower our students to excel.

Our core values of collaboration, diversity, and community lie at the heart of our mission, preparing students for the dynamic world of tomorrow. With robust industry connections and a strong focus on adaptability in the Metaverse era, we are wholeheartedly committed to shaping futures.

Metaverse Universal College is pioneering the future of education by seamlessly integrating the Metaverse into our teaching methods. This innovative approach allows students to experience education in the Metaworld, where spaces and worlds are tailored to the needs of diverse subjects and modules.

Metaverse Universal College is not just a place for learning; it’s a platform where students can explore and actively shape the future of education. Join us on this extraordinary 16-year journey – your future starts here, at Metaverse Universal College.